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Sage CRM


1. What is Sage CRM?

Over 12,000 small and medium-sized organizations in 70 countries use Sage CRM every day to manage critical sales, marketing and customer service activities, helping them to find new customers, close sales faster, and build lasting, profitable relationships.

Sage CRM is optimized specifically for small and medium businesses. Easy-to-use and quick to deploy in the cloud or on-premises, Sage CRM delivers a rapid return on investment so you see a positive impact on your business. Plus, Sage CRM can be easily adopted by your organization to fit the way you work, saving you time and money, both now and in the future.

2. Deployment Options

With Sage CRM, we have 2 types of deployment: Sage CRM Professional (Cloud) and Sage CRM On-Premises

2.1 Sage CRM Professional (Cloud)

Sage CRM Cloud is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that provides a complete view of customer interactions across your teams so they can collaborate and respond to inquiries and sales opportunities quickly. Your data is stored on a highly secure partner web platform without the need to maintain your IT infrastructure in-house.

Sage CRM Professional is ideal for you if:

  • You want to get up and running immediately
  • You need some, but not full, customization capabilities
  • You have limited to no in-house IT skills or expertise
  • You don't want to manage servers, databases or backups

Sage CRM Professional includes:

  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Lead Management
  • Reporting
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Mobile
  • Outlook Integration (Lite)
  • Case Management
  • Solutions / Knowledgebase Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Outbound Call Handling
  • Manage Relationship Types
  • Mass E-mail
  • User Management
  • Territory / Security Management
  • Workflow
  • Preconfigured Escalations
  • Professional User Management

2.2 Sage CRM On-Premises

A fully featured solution, Sage CRM (On-Premises) automates marketing, sales and customer service operations and can be easily customized to meet your unique business requirements.

Sage CRM On-Premises is the ideal choice for you if:

  • You need advanced customization and integration capabilities
  • You desire a lower total cost of ownership
  • You have IT resources in-house to manage your CRM solution
  • You want to control your data on your own site

3. Why Sage CRM?

7 Reasons Why Sage CRM Is Right For You

  • Full CRM feature-set – Sales, Marketing and Customer Service
  • Interactive Dashboard - Fully Customisable to How You Work
  • Rich Personalised User Experience
  • Fresh Look and Feel
  • Fast Implementation for Rapid ROI
  • Out-of-the-Box Integration with Sage ERP Systems
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership