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SAGE 300 cloud in-depth

The Sage 300 cloud business management and accounting application offers high performance and reliability so that you can increase profitability and gain a competitive edge in your market. 

Sage 300

A comprehensive and flexible business management solution, Sage 300cloud is designed to keep your total cost of ownership low. At the core of Sage 300cloud is strong financial, operational, mobility, sales and customer relationship management (CRM) features and capabilities.

Finance Tools

Manage complex finances with confidence. Sage 300cloud has: multi-currency capability, inter-company transactions, powerful bank reconciliation, and tax reporting features, flexible transaction processing options, informative dashboards for analytical reporting, and much more.

Sage 300 Financial Tools
  • Create budgets, present financial statements, and share key metrics by using powerful reporting tools.

  • Easily apply cash to outstanding invoices and create recurring charges for quick invoicing of monthly charges.

  • Save time and reduce administrative costs, and gain better control over your business processes by automating a wide range of vendor-related tasks.

  • Cut costs and eliminate error-prone, time intensive manual processes associated with the processing of inter-company transactions.

  • A smarter way to manage your cashflow with prediction and notifications of potential cashflow issues, cashflow KPI dashboards to give you an overview of your cashflow position and useful reports that you can use to deep dive into your cashflow status.

Sales Order Management

Sage 300 Sales Order

Sage 300cloud provides powerful order entry and order management capabilities to help expedite your order processing and boost profitability. Stay on top of your customer accounts, inventory levels, and purchase histories in real time, anytime. Pursue up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with increased accuracy that improves the lifetime value of customers. 


  • Include multiple orders on a single shipment or multiple shipments on a single invoice.

  • Look up customer pricing based on customer contract price, item base price, or discounted or marked-up sales prices.

  • Review sales history by customer or inventory item during order and invoice entry.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by creating detailed quotes and automatically converting them to new orders.


Access your current inventory, quotes and accounts receivable records on the go using Sage CRM, helping you make shipping decisions more confidently and serving your customers better.

Inventory Tools

Track stock levels and process inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments by using the multi-location inventory management system. Inventory Management in Sage 300cloud helps you gain complete control over complex inbound and outbound inventory transactions to reduce carrying costs while delivering on-time orders, every time.


Further optimize your inventory management with Sage Inventory Advisor and reduce stock outs, excess inventory and improve your working capital.


  • Easily track your inventory as it moves through your enterprise utilizing configurable options to manage the most complex processes.

  • Access real-time data to streamline decision making and improve operations.

  • Handle fractional quantities to four decimal places and maintain different units of measure for purchasing, selling, and stock-keeping.

  • Use categories to classify stock and allocate costs to departments or cost centers.

Sage 300 Inventory

Purchasing and Supplier Management

Sage 300 Purchase & Supplier Management

Implement best practices in your purchasing management and reduce costs by consolidating inventory and distribution processes. Sage 300cloud helps you streamline purchasing and receiving processes, and provides the information you need to make insightful decisions for your business.


  • Reduce repetitive data entry by creating templates of standard information.

  • Automatically produce purchase orders from Inventory

  • Control reorder information or from Order Entry back-orders.

  • Quickly consolidate items from multiple purchase orders on a single receipt.

  • Print requisitions, purchase orders, receiving slips, returns, and mailing labels using standard

  • Purchase Orders formats, or design custom forms and reports.

  • Choose from seven costing methods, including Most Recent Cost, Standard Cost, Average Cost, Vendor Cost, and Last Unit Cost.

Warehouse Management

Improving the speed and accuracy of the fulfilment process and reducing the cost of labor are the key issues that distribution and warehouse-related businesses face. Gaining control over these issues requires technology that optimizes the utilization of your people and your assets.


  • Eliminate manual warehouse processes and counts.

  • Reduce picking, shipping, and receiving errors.

  • Improve inventory accuracy through RFID and the use of barcodes.

  • Support wireless picking and receiving and multi-zone picking.

  • Lots/Serial/Expiry management with support for kitting, container receiving, license plates, carton splitting, put-away/slotting.

  • Track inventory items stored in multiple bins within a warehouse or Sage 300cloud Inventory Control location.

Sage 300 Warehouse

Manufacturing Management

Sage 300 Manufacturing

With businesses facing greater competition, maintaining an efficient workflow on the production floor becomes important to keep costs down. The Sage 300cloud manufacturing solution a simple yet complete manufacturing solution fully integrated with the financial and operational modules. Includes work order processing, materials planning, lot/serial tracking integration and shop floor control options.

  • Control your manufacturing operation flow covering material purchase, processing manufacturing orders, work in progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout.

  • Define item planning parameters such as minimum stock, minimum order quantities, lead times, etc.

  • Define lot/serial tracking information for materials issued, returned and received in the warehouse.

  • Record time entries and shop transactions of MO operations using Shop Floor Control. It provides detailed production data between the releases of MO to the receipt of MO order quantity.

Project and Job Costing

Simplify project management processes for every job and every project type. Sage 300cloud Project and Job Costing module maximizes efficiency, enabling you to meet customer specifications for products and services without risking profitability. It makes the estimating, tracking, costing, and billing of projects easy and manageable – simplifying cost control and planning. 

  • Quickly identify success factors and potential issues for any project. 

  • Easily manage time, expenses, and purchasing to simplify job costing and forecasting. 

  • Optimize projects and contracts for cost control, on-time delivery, and project visibility.

  • Tightly link field services with other operations for speed and effectiveness. 

  • Track and report detailed project costs with industry and business-specific categories.

Sage 300 Project Management

Service Management

Improve efficiency, lower costs, boost productivity and enhance customer satisfaction with centralized management of your service and maintenance functions allows you to access data locally or from the field using mobile devices. 

  • Manage job costing, preventative maintenance, scheduling of resources, field service, and general equipment servicing. 

  • Equipment transfers, warranty, rental, serial and lot tracking. 

  • Multi-currency, Standard and WIP accounting, Budget vs. Actual Profit Analysis, General/recurring and consolidated invoicing. 

  • Manage purchase orders, requisitions, authorization workflows, returns, refurbishments, rotations. 

  • Advanced maintenance including scheduled/meter-based maintenance plans, predictive maintenance, parts & labor requirement forecasts, templates etc. 

Sage 300 Service Management

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Turn insights into actions with built-in business intelligence (BI) tools and a library of predefined reports that centralize data. 

  • Experience on-demand analytics and rapid decisions making with embedded, real-time business information. 

  • View and alter data from any location using the web or mobile-based apps. 

  • Create reports with data across multiple fiscal years and budget sets. 

  • User-defined triggering events for updating statistics in batch or real-time. 

  • Analysis and report on information in an intuitive self-sufficient manner. 

Sage 300 Business Intelligence & Reporting
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